Rejoice, People, It Is The International Dogs Day!

A cute dog
His Lordship aka Loki

I am a fellow dog lover and owner to a cute little a year and four months old German Spitz named Loki. Yes, we named him after the Avengers sworn enemy Loki, ‘The God of Mischief’; and one mischievous little muffin he is. He likes to spend his days barking at the unknown past our front door and also at anything that dares to sound its presence in his lordship’s waking hours. A lover of carrots; yes! He is white, fluffy and loves carrots. Sounds familiar?

I can pose as an authenticator to the fact that Dogs are a blessing. However, this is a grave understatement to what they mean to those families who foster and own them. They are an inevitable part of the family; a sign of ample love and kindness; the symbol of loyalty and dedication.

Time and again we have seen proofs of the undeniable bond between humans and their dogs; be it through movies, books or songs. Here is a list of my top four go to movies when it comes to the theme of dogs.

  • Released on: August 17th, 2018

  • Directed by: Albert Hughes

  • Genre: Action, Adventure, Drama

  • Language: Invented

  • Running time: 96 minutes

  • Summary: It is a story set in the prehistoric times, where a teen gets separated from his nomadic group. A journey of the teen back home accompanied by a wolf-dog. This story is portrayed as the first interactive relation between a human and the first tamed dog.

A Dog’s Purpose
  • Released on: January 27th, 2017

  • Directed by: Lasse Hallstrom

  • Genre: Comedy, Adventure, Drama

  • Language: English

  • Running time: 100 minutes

  • Summary: It is a wonderful portrayal of the deep-seated love between a dog and his human. This story is being told from the dog's perspective, and it is basically a passage to finding his rightful purpose and fulfilling it.

  • The sequel, A Dog's Journey, was released on May 17, 2019.

Hearty Paws
  • Released on: 2006

  • Directed by: Park Eun Hyung

  • Genre: Family

  • Language: Korean

  • Running time: 97 minutes

  • Summary: It is a story of a pair of abandoned siblings and their puppy. The little puppy, 'Ma-eum', meaning heart; was a gift meant for the younger sister by her elder brother. The three continue to live their lives in happiness when a sudden accident leads to the younger sister's demise, which in turns leads to the abandonment of the puppy by the elder brother. The dog, however, continues to faithfully maintain his loyalty until the very end.


  • Released on: February 7th, 1996

  • Directed by: Santosh Sivan

  • Genre: Adventure, Drama

  • Language: Hindi

  • Running time: 92 minutes

  • Summary: This movie made a huge impact on me as a child. It is about a small girl who had lost her mother and as any 7-year-old; she believes in miracles. Lo! there lands a stray puppy Halo straight into her arms. The next part of the story leads to the journey of the girl, Sasha, searching for her dog, Halo, who had vanished.

Hachi; A Dog’s Tale is the forever favourite amongst the general caninophiles. Beethoven, Balto, Benji, 101 Dalmatians, 102 Dalmatians, Eight Below, Turner and Hooch, Marley and Me; and the list is endless.

When we had decided to adopt Loki, my grandfather had passed away 6 months prior. There was a screaming gap in the house without him. We siblings had always grown up with the idea that our grandfather was someone who would always be there. I know it was wishful thinking on our part. But the gap was too large to be filled up. It was then that my father one fine May morning went up to his friend's place and brought home one of the month-old puppies from the litter that his dogs had. Loki had healed a part of our lives that had been created with Koka's (Grandfather) absence. Even though we can never fill up the blank space, he has gelled up the crack enough to heal.

The dog is the fabled first animal to be tamed by man. Our favourite furries have the ability to reduce anxiety and stress. As the saying goes, "A dog-hug a day keeps sadness away."

P.S. Even John Wick rained vengeance upon ‘Theon Greyjoy’; the person who killed his dog. As quoted, “An idiot killed his puppy. Now everyone must die.”


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