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Light On Me - One Of The Most Appealing, Happy-Feeling Boys Love Story Out There

Korean dramas are known to establish goals in relationships. They foretell stories on how relationships span out - the unexpected love triangles, the nerdy girl and lonely popular boy meets, or the spoilt rich girl and chivalrous prince-like pauper love trials. Despite a wide-ranging catalogue of romance dramas, the industry has not been successful to dive into the queer concept completely. Light On Me is that K-drama that BL viewers and shippers have been waiting for. The fluttery, bubbly feel of first love, the experience of mutual adoration and the charisma of eye-candies - this show ensures to give the public an equivalent of its famous romance generic dramas, but in the queer light. Though there are a few of the foresaid dramas or short films, Light On Me is at a different level i.e. well scripted and portrayed. This show, however, spans over several other genres and justifies them equivalently.

General Trivia
  • Produced by: WHYNOT Media

  • Released: Jun 29, 2021

  • Directed by: Lee Yoo Yeon

  • Screenwriter: Lee Ji Eun

  • Genre: Friendship, Romance, Drama, Youth

  • Country of Origin: South Korea

  • Language: Korean

  • Original Network: Viki

  • No of Episodes: 16

  • No of Seasons: 1

  • TV Rating: 13+

  • MyDramaList Rating: 8.8/10

  • IMDb Rating: 8.7/10


The drama Light On me is a story about friendship and love. It has been adapted from the mobile game Saebit Boys High School Council. High-schooler, Woo TaeKyung is a voluntary loner. Concerned about him, his teacher, Seo HaetBit (played by Lee KiHyun) suggests he join the student council. The story develops setting up a stage for TaeKyung to experience his firsts in - friendship, love, heartbreak and relationship.

Initially, the vice-president, Noh ShinWoo opposes the idea of TaeKyung joining the council, so he starts out with a temporary post. But later, his endearing nature wins over the three key members, viz ShinWoo, president Shin DaOn and face of the council volunteer group NamGoong ShiWoon.

The president takes to TaeKyung as they start spending time together. Mutual interest develops and something more than friendship takes form. When TaeKyung faces DaOn, the latter denies claims on a relation dwelling at a stage more than friendly attachment. This creates a rift between the two. During these hard times, TaeKyung finds solace in ShinWoo. They develop mutual feelings and start dating. Shin DaOn realises his mistake, however, the promise of friendship is respected and they remain good friends in the end.

The plot of the series is kept realistic and is in fact, one of the commendable well-resolved cases of a love triangle ( a common component in romance K-dramas). Friendship is valued throughout the series and the protagonist TaeKyung is seen to desperately try his best to befriend people, something that's against his basic loner nature. Thus, the series keeps the charm alive through its captivating character development and simplistic narration. Cheerful and innocent energy leads the narration forward.

Main Cast And Characters
  • Woo TaeKyung

Lee SaeOn
Woo TaeKyung played by Lee SaeOn

The series is mostly narrated from Woo TaeKyun's POV. His cute and naive nature is in vast difference to his lack of social skills. At times he acts indifferent and has a tendency to always speak his mind rather than lying. This 18-year-old's endearing and persistent personality helps him win over the members of the student council. The most exceptional trait of TaeKyung is self-acceptance. He experiences all his firsts but he embraces every small moment with open arms. This is definitely the character you would relate to most as a viewer.

Light On Me is Lee SaeOn's first major role in a drama series. He has had a history of support and cameo roles in other K-dramas before and has also participated in several TV variety shows.

  • Noh ShinWoo

Noh Shin Woo
Noh ShinWoo played by Kang YooSeok

Noh ShinWoo is the charismatic and perfect lover in the series. He secretly harbours an unrequited crush on TaeKyung, even before they are acquainted. His honest yet shy nature wins over the viewers' hearts. He believes in fair play and disagrees acting impulsively when it comes to his feelings regarding TaeKyung. Glimpses of ShinWoo's soft warm nature and his innocence throughout the series keeps those feelings fluttering.

  • Shin DaOn

Choi Chan Yi
Shin DaOn played by Choi ChanYi

Shin DaOn is the model student council president - well mannered, helpful and has a hard time saying no. As such people take advantage of his goodwill. His bad chemistry with his parents exhibits his vulnerability despite his perfect facade. He cowers from being a disappointment to the people around him. This attitude moulds out his character as an easy target for exploitation.

Shin DaOn's character is pitiable; however, as a viewer, you might find your anger directed at him. But towards the end, you ultimately wish him a second chance and a happy ending.

  • NamGoong ShiWoon

Ko Woo Jin
NamGoong ShiWoon played by Ko WooJin

Presenting the most level headed, know-it-all character in the series. ShiWoon is the explosive energy behind the story. He instigates, plans and careful threads through rough waters to keep the story going. Kind, supportive, funny and demands attention; the playful mood setter of the group is fiercely protective towards his friends. Being an honest confidante is his absolute remarkable trait; which makes him that one true friend everyone deserves.

Besides these four, Lee SoHee (played by Yang SeoHyun) is a supporting character who is Shin DaOn's childhood friend. She fosters a crush for her friend but struggles with confessing. Taekyung and DaOn's closeness sends her emotions on a ride and she turns vicious. In an attempt to destroy the budding relation, she plays a cruel joke on the duo. But despite her efforts, she loses her friend, which makes her regret and ultimately turns over a new leaf.

Reasons I Recommend The Series

Light On Me is a pure romance with minimal drama. The drama has explored the aspects of a healthy relation - be it between friends or lovers. The loner learns the beauty of friendship, the disappointed son learns to love and accept himself, the queer outcast finds profound love, the confidante successfully gains a new friend and the insecure girl learns the meaning of true sacrifice. Self-acceptance is the highest form of self-love. When Daon accepts his feelings, he transforms. His regrets are washed away when he decides to value their friendship despite the guilt and shame. His personality blossomed and he matures to be a better man. The change in SoHee sets an excellent example. It is never too late to mend if you harbour genuine remorse towards past wrongs.

In addition to the cute, heart-rendering scenes, the dark side of homophobia prevalent in society is highlighted. Plus, the series is a commendable effort and the result of proper investment into the mainstream queer genre by the Korean visual entertainment industry.

For a BL series lover, it is definitely one of the top 5 in Korean BL lists. Thus, this series has all the elements- script, acting, eye-candy cast and a fabulous OST. Do check out the trailer and for the K-pop lover in you, listen to the OST below.


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