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42 Years Past The Miraculous Birth; Since The First Test-Tube Baby Was Born

Forget about all the reasons why something may not work. You only need to find one good reason why it will.

Dr Robert Anthony


The huge billboard was a beautiful mother and child poster, captioned: We understand your desire to be a Mother.

Swati was visibly nervous and sweating profusely. The stark contrast between the sweltering heat of the midday July sun and the coolness gusting through the sliding doors, made her subconsciously pace up the stairs leading to the clinic. Last year, her best friend Mansi had become a blissful mother to triplets. She was all praises for the staff and doctor in charge; even declared them miracle workers.

Three years into their marriage, Swati and Abhay had mutually decided to adopt. Being home to a gorgeous pair of two-month-old twins, Tisha and Astha had been a surreal feeling. Now, seven years later, Mansi’s triplets raised the bar. The twins became obsessed with having a little brother.

They ignited the desire in her. She wanted to experience the kicks, flaunt her bulge, to nurture a little human inside her. They began planning another cute giggling addition to their crew. Trying but having failed to conceive for the past ten months, Swati confided in Mansi. Hence, the current sweaty situation. Abhay was not on the scene yet. She wanted to get a consultation before announcing her views on the matter.

Let’s see if this clinic is as good as they advertise.

Dr Dibya saw the lady finally cross the threshold and slip in. He had spent much time in his career watching couples hesitate entering the clinic; sometimes even more than deciding to follow-up procedures to get pregnant. He had been eyeing the lady, probably in her early forties; contemplating her decision to enter. The past 15 minutes were pure agony on her side. He could see her exhausted look when she finally made it in; avoided the receptionist and immediately sat down at the waiting lounge.

He followed, hoping to study her. Clearing his throat to buy her attention, he grabbed a pamphlet from the stack, settled down on the sofa facing her and read out loud,

"We here at the institute aim to please. We cater to the needs of those who approach us for help. The staff orchestrates satisfied smiles and a bundle of happiness as a return for their efforts and investment. Do not just believe, read reviews and feedback of our customers."

Swati’s shoulder slouched down and she exhaled with relief. The man sitting across from her read the pamphlet out loud. Who does that? A smile formed across her lips. She could not gulp down her laugh and let out a loud hearty one.

The gentleman glanced up at her and joined in, “You can never be too sure. Feedbacks are important. You need to read every bit of information these pamphlets have to provide. The extent people go to advertise amazes me."

The man looked refreshingly young, around his late twenties. The small mole on top of his nose perfectly accentuated his firm jawline. A semi-formal attire and a pair of glasses completed his look.

"By the way, I am Dibya. And you are? Are you here for an appointment?”

Swati smiled, “Hello you! I am Swati. No appointments as yet, but I intend to get a general idea. A friend referred me to this clinic. It will be my first time getting a consultation here. Isn’t it nerve-racking? I mean, the prospects and risks involved.”

“Of course it is! Let’s see, maybe I can help ease your doubts. Alright then. Did you notice that huge poster out front?”

“Yes, it’s a lovely mother-child pair.”, replied Swati.

“Mother-daughter, to be exact. That is Louise Brown and her mother Lesley. So, go on, ask me.”

Swati smiled, a bit amused, “Who is Louise?”

“She is the first-ever test-tube baby; the world’s first human born out of conception by artificial means. The Miracle Baby. Today, every couple who owes their happiness to artificial reproduction is forever grateful that Louise was born. Her parents like many others were infertile and unable to have kids in natural ways. IVF paved the path to realizing their dream of having a complete family. And coincidentally, today the 25th of July 2020 marks the 42nd anniversary of this epic scientific breakthrough. Well, it will all boil down to individual cases. But, if you are here for a consultation, they will probably get fertility tests done on you and your partner. After a thorough examination, they get your follow-up procedures ready. Finally, if all goes well, you would become a proud mom soon. ”

“I am a mom to a pair of lovely twin daughters. My husband and I are planning for our third. Hence the consultation. So, this is nothing news for you? Have you been here before?”

Dr Dibya smiled, “Yes, I have been here before. I am the chief embryologist of this clinic and for you, the consultant. I had seen you fight your urge to go back, and I thought maybe, just once, I would be lucky to see a woman enter the gates with full conviction and faith in herself more so than in us doctors. We help you get closer to your goal, but it is all about your positive outlook and continued unflinching desire that can make it possible. Science has made advancements, but only a mother can breathe life into her child. Woh kehte hain, agar kisi cheez ko dil se chaaho toh, puri kayanat usey tumse milane ki koshish mein lag jaati hai.

Exhilarated and with fresh hopes of a new beginning, Swati asked, “So, Dr Dibya, when is my next appointment?”


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