This is Kasturi. I am a storyteller by day & a couch potato by night.

Colourful In Grey is about the subtle shades of life; an effervescence of thoughts; a macrame of my passions; a portrait of words spluttered on with ink. A simple story when portrayed through the proper words can impact and bring changes to someone's perspective. It has the power to change lives. I believe that stories hold the power to advocate and educate the mind in ways the convention lags. A storyteller's spirit and a researcher's aptitude mark my writings. 

My Story

All throughout my life, I have lived through the eyes of fictional characters created through some writer or animator’s work. Growing through Eragon to Game of Thrones, my imagination has always been on a wild ride. The world of fiction and anime has created a swirl of life and kept me within its embrace. My childhood has been dictated by constant colourful daydreams every second of my existence. What if I had a Pyrofighter Magnus or a Bolmeteus Steel Dragon Card (P.S. referring to Duel Masters Anime), what if the sorting hat sent me to the house of Slytherin, what if Jo and Laurie were to marry, what if this, what if that. 


Being from a family of bibliophiles, there has never been a dull discussion at the dinner table. With the increase in friends from the human realm, I have often sought respite in friendship, however, at the end of the day, it is always the book that lulls me to sleep. 


Writing and storytelling had always been my superpowers, i.e. since I believe you are the superhero of your own life. Thus, the word passion falls short to describe its impact on my life. Once I completed my master's, I decided to pursue a career that helped people like me dream, find solace in words. I have always been better at expressing through written words rather than spoken. As such, I want my work however small to move people towards that small difference which magnifies to a greater chance for a better cause.


Colourful In Grey is a small effort towards that very cause.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.