About Me

While growing up, I have seen the place I live transform from having calm and composed afternoons into lively 24-hour hustles. The charm of the old 90s was replaced by modern cacophony. Quality of life had increased but at the cost of a massive drop in our consciousness and responsibility towards the environment and society in general. 


To combat this outlook, the UN SDGs were defined. In the past few years, though there has been a rapid increase in the desire for quality life with sustainability at the forefront, we as individuals are still lacking in making conscious ethical, and sustainable decisions. 


As a child, I had always found myself being vocal about fair play and empathy. This had only grown over the years. Once I completed my master's, it took time, but I decided to pursue a career that informed and educated people about how their infinitesimally small decisions can make massive impacts, and create a sustainable future. 


Colourful In Grey is my small effort towards that very cause.